Friday, April 17, 2009


So anyone who knows me, knows that no matter what it is that Im signing I sign it with D2. So I wanted my photography to reflect it also. The talented Miss. Erica Hess came up with the lovely design. Erica is super talented. She has designed stuff for the Reese's Racing website and Bacardi just to name a few. I highly recommend Erica if your looking for something fresh and fun.
Thanks Erica!! = )

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Follower

As I signed into my blog this morning, I noticed that I have a new follower. I would like to introduce you to the talented LB Photography.

Thank You for stopping by and checking out my work. = )

Relay For Life 2009

Once again this year I will be participating in Relay For Life. My team and I are raising money to help find a cure to this horrible disease. Cancer touches the lives of more people then one could imagine.

I hope to one day hear the words "We have found a cure!!!"

I know the times are hard right now, but if there is any way you can donate that would be wonderful. Thank You!!

This is the link to my Relay For Life page:

Thank You again.

*Dream Big*