Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to in my opinion the greatest man to ever exist. Maybe I'm a bit partial, but hey I'm allowed. = ) But honestly, my dad is great. He has succeed in his profession with a lot of common sense, and also by busting his ass day in and day out. He showed us that with a little hard work, anything is possible. Growing up he was always there for us kids. It didn't matter what it was: coaching softball, teaching how to ride a motorcycle, staying up to help with a history report, or sitting in the stands at a color guard competition we always knew daddy would be there. Not only has he been an amazing father to my sisters brother and I, but he has also been a great Poppy to his grand kids. Simply stated.... He is just an awesome person! So Happy Fathers Day to the best dad a girl could ask for!!!

Daddy and I at my HS graduation- 2000

I cant leave out someone else special in my life. My brother is celebrating his first Fathers Day this year. Donnie has always been the best brother in the world, and I can tell he will be nothing less then an awesome dad. His daughter already has him wrapped around his finger! Haha! Happy 1st Fathers Day Donnie!!!

Donnie and I at his wedding.

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